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April 22, 2014

340B Covered Entity Acquisitions of Physician-based Oncology Practices, Berkeley Research Group, April 22, 2014

The Physician-based Oncology Practice Acquisition study has three objectives:
– Understand historical trends in physician-based oncology practice acquisitions by entities participating in the 340B program (“Covered Entities”)
– Measure impact of such acquisitions on 340B chargebacks
– Compare timing of such acquisitions with the registration date on the OPA database as a sub-entity of the covered entity (“Child Site”) for purposes of 340B participation

BRG analyzed chargeback data for oncology-related products from six manufacturers and integrated third-party data from OPA, HCRIS and secondary research to address study objectives
– Acquired practices were identified by correlating new registrations in the OPA database with significant increases in oncology-related 340B chargeback volume at the parent entity
– Manufacturer data was standardized around registration date of the Child Site on the OPA database to allow for aggregation across Covered Entities
– A subset of acquired practices were further analyzed to compare timing of acquisition relative to registration date on OPA database

Read full document: 340B Covered Entity Acquisitions of Physician-based Oncology Practices