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May 17, 2015

Developments in Cancer Treatments, Market Dynamics, Patient Access and Value, IMS Institute, May 2015

A cluster of innovative medicines for patients with a wide variety of tumor types and based on promising new mechanisms of action has heightened excitement about prospects for major advances in cancer treatment. The large number of potential new medicines currently in clinical development or under regulatory review suggests breakthroughs will continue and bring not only more options but also competition among alternative treatments and increased movement toward more personalized medicines which, through the use of diagnostic testing, can be administered to those most likely to benefit from the drug. The increased prevalence of most cancers, earlier treatment initiation, and improved outcomes all contribute to growing use of oncology therapeutics as well as those medicines used for supportive care of the patient. Spending on medicines receives close scrutiny in all countries and oncology drugs are no exception to this. Issues of access, value and equity are the focus of global discussion and debate.

In this report, we share our updated perspective on the clinical landscape and what lies ahead; the dynamics of the market for oncology-related pharmaceuticals; and the current state of patient access to medicines and value considerations.

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